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“I love what I do, but maintaining everything is becoming a nightmare! I waste a lot of time doing things that I know can be done much quicker if I could just get organized. I desperately need systems and am curious about hiring a coach that does that specifically.

But, if I need to set up systems for my everyday operations, why don’t I just hire a virtual assistant [VA] instead of a coach?”



You don’t need one or the other, you need both.

And, I’ll tell you why. Think of your business as a house. Now, let’s imagine that your house is cluttered, unorganized, and as a result really hard to keep clean and presentable for guests. Not only that, but it just doesn’t feel good, it’s not what you would call warm and inviting. Maybe you don’t feel free in your home to really relax because you feel constrained by all your stuff. The decorations are old and a bit drab and they don’t really represent you and your personality.

So, who would you hire?

You’d probably want to hire an Interior Designer (to update the decorations), a Professional Organizer (to declutter and create a nice flow in the house), and a Housekeeper (to maintain everything and keep things clean). Right?

As a Business Coach that focuses on systems…I’m like the Interior Designer and the Professional Organizer all in one. And the Virtual Assistant would be like the Housekeeper, maintaining everything and keeping everything in order. Now, before I go any further, I will say that there are Virtual Assistants out there that can do more than just maintain your current systems. And, I’m not ranking the importance or value of each. I believe we’re all EQUALLY important.

What I am offering is an example to help demonstrate the value of hiring a Business Coach that focuses on systems along with a Virtual Assistant.

It’s not enough to just create systems, you need to create systems that will support who you are, the mission of your business, the direction your business is going, and are in alignment with your values. You need someone that’s visionary, creative, and intuitive to accomplish those goals.

When someone hires me to support them in creating systems in their business that work, create freedom, and bring in the clients and money that they want, we focus on accomplishing four things:

1. Get clear on your business goals & personal goals & values and marry them together – It’s important that we approach your business in a holistic manner. Your business must honor you and your energy and vice versa. We’ll ensure that whatever strategies we create are in complete alignment with you on all levels.

2. Strategize & Create Action Plans – We’ll look at your current offerings, programs, services and products and see if they are truly in alignment with your big picture goals. We’ll tweak where necessary or talk about creating something new that will better service your clients.

3. Next we’ll systematize! This will help you to:
-FOCUS (know what exactly you need to be working on each day and when)
-OPTIMIZE YOUR TIME (get more done in less time; more free time for yourself)
-GET THE CLIENTS IN (nurture relationships and enroll clients; no more money falling through the cracks!)
-MAKE THE MONEY YOU NEED (a well oiled machine that produces the results you want!)

4. Create a healthy work/life balance – It’s important to me that you as a creative business owner are balanced and have systems in place to honor your needs, your energy, and your freedom.

It’s important to approach your business from a holistic point of view. Your business is not just an isolated thing that you attend to during certain hours. It’s a living, breathing, extension of YOU! It’s one part of your life as a whole. It affects the other areas of your life and vice-versa.

That’s why it’s so important to work with someone that understands that, has been where you are, and can work with you to create a business that feels good, and  is warm and inviting, where clients love to frequent and readily purchase your services again and again!

If this sounds like what you need, I’d love to invite you to a Holistic Biz Check-Up with me. We’ll get clear on your goals, what is working and isn’t working, and after the call you will clearly know the direction you need to go in to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

To accept my invitation please visit this link here: Holistic Biz Check-Up.

I can’t wait to connect with you! :-)




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