As an entrepreneur with a heart-centered business, I understand fully the practice of utilizing faith in operating my business. Or so I thought…because I also dealt with a LOT of fear, too.

It always seemed to creep in about once a week. And, maybe you can relate.

One moment you’re feeling centered, grounded, empowered and ready to conquer the entrepreneurial world. And then the next moment something happens that’s not according to the plan. Maybe you’re short on your rent, a bill is past due, and/or the new client that promised to make their payment yesterday has suddenly changed their mind on working with you. Cue the violins!

If you’re anything like I used to be, this is the moment where you break down, shut down, and go into worry mode. You may stay here for a few days (or weeks) until you’re able to pull yourself out again and return to your centered, grounded, “I’ve got this!” self.

I’ve gone back and forth like this enough times to now say confidently that all the praying and believing, affirmations, and vision boards will be in vain if you are a spiritual flip flopper.

8-13-16 blogOne of the reasons you may not be making progress as quickly as you’d like in your business is because you continuously negate your efforts. You take three steps forward only to take two or three steps back. In business you have a two choices…either you’re going to operate from a place of power, where you create your life. Or, you’re going to operate from a place of fear, where you react to what’s happening to you in your life.

Either way, you can be successful. There’s no right or wrong. But, you need to make a choice. Straddling the fence will not get you very far, fast. 

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you want to stay on the love side. You really want to operate from a place of love and power. You want to create the life that you desire.

And since that’s you I’m going to say this. Yes, you need to shift your mindset, change your environment, and remain steadfast toward your goals.  All of that’s great. But it’s not going to matter if what you’re really afraid of is taking true ownership and responsibility for your life. You’re afraid of messing up. You’re afraid of failing. 

If you know that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, never changing, and you know that He is within you, then you know that you’re able to do all things through Him. You have the power and the ability to do whatever He has placed in your heart to do. You have to truly believe in yourself and know that you can work it out, you can make it happen.

For a long time I wanted people to respect me as a coach, respect me as a woman, or respect me as a leader…and I realized that what I really wanted was for ME to respect what I do and believe in my own value. 

When you know who you are and what you have to offer, you truly have a confidence that’s unshakable. You know that you can bet on yourself. You’re willing to jump out and take a risk because it’s God that’s operating through you and He doesn’t fail so…how can you?8-13-16 blog #2

You must stay in a place of love and FAITH, even when everything around you looks crazy. You must stay calm and put all the energy you would normally put into worry into doing the work in your business. Invest in yourself. I know of a coach that spent a portion of her rent money on a photo shoot for her first book. She took a risk and bet on herself. She’s now a millionaire reaching thousands of women everyday with her coaching. Most people would not make that choice, not because they’re “responsible” but because they don’t believe in their ability to pull it off.

We think that we simply don’t want to experience failure, but that’s not it. What we’re really afraid of is that we lack the ability to be able to handle it when it comes. Your failures are not a measure of your value. And they’re not an indicator of your ability to succeed.

Pray for guidance and stop making decisions and moves out of fear and panic. Trust that your prayers are always answered. They may not come in the form you want them to, but God always gives an answer, and many times in the form of opportunities.

It’s not a guarantee that “bad” things won’t happen, because they will. The shit will hit the fan. But, the difference will be that you now believe in your ability to handle and overcome whatever comes your way! And in believing you can, you will.

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