“I’m rebranding and going in a totally new direction with my business. I’m eager to get started but feel so overwhelmed with everything I need to finish before I launch! With having to create a new website, create new offerings, write new sales pages, get new business cards, new headshots, etc…I feel like getting started is so far away!

I feel stuck! I don’t want to continue with my current brand, but I can’t move forward with the new one until I get everything done. HELP!!”



You must get started BEFORE you’re ready.

What you’re trying to do is be perfect before you present your new brand to the world. And, I understand that feeling. When I was rebranding I was horrified at the thought of someone, after hearing about my new brand, going to my old website. Or even worse, giving someone an old business card! Oh, the horror!

But, let me tell you a secret…it’s all a story you’re making up in you mind. Yep, the one about how you can’t get clients if you don’t have a pretty website with matching business cards. The one that says you can’t possibly market yourself unless you have your sales page ready for folks to buy now.

Yes, those things are great…and they truly do make a difference. But, you don’t need them to get started and you don’t need them to make money. For real!

Let me tell you what you DO need. And, it really doesn’t take much preparation. Here’s a quick system you can follow to easily get started before you’re ready:


I know, I know…you don’t have business cards. It’s okay, you don’t need them. Yes, you’ll order some later and they’re gonna be gorgeous! But, right now, the most important thing is that you get THEIR business cards.

When you network, it’s not about you. You’re learning about them! Get to know others, and be genuine. Ask questions. See how you can help them, either directly or through a referral. Get their information and STAY IN TOUCH!

If this person sounds like someone you can help directly, tell them and ask if you can follow up with them later to talk further.

Don’t start telling them all about how you’re rebranding and in the process of creating a new website, or that you’re not sure about your offerings yet because you’re still trying to work on things, or any other reason or excuse we give to make up for feeling insecure.

You have nothing to be insecure about! What you have to offer someone is not only validated by a website or business card. You are your brand, and you’re perfect just the way you are. Talk confidently about how you can help them because you can.


I almost wanted to make this number one, but then I realized you do kinda have to network to get the email addresses! But, I say that to say that this is equally as important as number one.

I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to that have a fabulous idea for something that they’re launching, and when I ask if they have an new email list for it they say no because they’re waiting until everything is complete before starting one.

*Face palm*

Listen, I don’t care if it’s just an idea of an idea. Start a new email list now! And, begin adding anyone that says they are interested in your idea (if they give permission, of course). 

“But, why would I do that, I don’t have anything to say yet?”

That’s okay, it’s all about gathering everyone that’s interested, letting them know you’re creating something special just for them, checking in at least every month or so, and then having this community all ready for you when you do launch and make your announcement.

It’s always best to have people to sell to when you launch, than to have to start from zero when you launch.

And, one more quick tip about email lists…even if you think you don’t need an email list, you do. Email lists are more important than having a Facebook fan page or Twitter following. Why? Because you don’t own those platforms.

If Facebook or Twitter decide to take down your page, or worse if they just cease to exist, you’ll lose ALL of your followers. There’s no security there. With an email list, you own your community, you have direct contact with them, you can take them with you when you rebrand in the future and most importantly, no one can take that away.


Not sure what you want to offer or how to package it? Create something small and of value that you can easily offer and is easy for someone to purchase. This could be a 60 or 90 minute session where you focus on one small, yet important, thing.

What this does is three things. One, people get to know you and get to know how you work without taking a huge risk. Two, you’ll be able to start collecting testimonials (key!!). And three, you get to know your target market better. You will learn more about what their pain is, what they really need, and how they best need it delivered.

You’ll be able to use this research to create your larger offerings. And, together with your testimonials, you’ll easily be able to begin marketing and serving a larger audience.


While you are networking, building your list, being of service, and bringing in money, you can work on your rebranding without the pressures of having to get it all done first! You can take your time and really make sure that your new brand is truly in alignment with who you are and your vision.

The only thing worse than becoming stagnant while in the process of rebranding, is to rush your rebranding out of fear!

This easy to follow system will get you unstuck and out of overwhelm and bring more ease into your creative time as you rebrand. I followed this same system when rebranding and it’s the same system I guide my clients through.

The more relaxed and at ease you are, the more you allow yourself to be open to your intuition, creativity, and authenticity.

If this is a challenge for you and you’re in need of some support, I’d love to invite you to a complimentary business assessment with me. We’ll talk for an hour and get really clear on where you are, where you would like to be, and the next steps you need to take to bridge that gap.

Sound like fun? I think so too…click here so we can get started now:




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