We all know we need to network. But for introverts, networking can be scary and draining. The awkward small talk and anxiety induced by going to events can seem unbearable. And, not being sure of how to talk about what you do can kill your self-confidence.

If you can relate, then you’ll really enjoy this hands-on workshop!

During our time together, we will discuss:

  • How to talk about what you do in a way that feels good, is clear, and doesn’t come across as salesy;
  • Ways to ease your anxiety before networking events so that you feel confident and excited to meet new people; and,
  • Steps to create an easy system that helps you build your network and ensures prospects don’t fall through the cracks!

Come prepared to participate, take notes, and do some work! 🙂

Register by visiting: networkingmadesimple.eventbrite.com

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