As a Creative Soulpreneur, sometimes you make decisions and go in directions that may not seem logical to everyone else. They may not even make sense to you, but you do them anyway because you are following your intuition. You know in your heart it’s the right way to go, so you follow in faith.

This is all grand until things start to look a bit crazy.

I find that when God leads us, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. On the surface it may look like we’ve gone the wrong way or we’re not doing things right, but really everything is falling into place perfectly.

So, as we’re being stretched and molded into a new place and level in our lives and businesses, doubt, frustration, despair and resistance may set in.

Before you start to accuse yourself of being wrong, or not doing it right…shift your view.

Instead of focusing on all the clear evidence that this is all bad, look at all the ways that this is perfect for you and your business. Look at all the ways your current experience can benefit someone else.

Perhaps, things are a bit crazy because you’re about to have a breakthrough in your business.

But, before that happens, right now it’s time to prepare.

When you’re about to have a baby you prepare the room. Before you bring all the baby things in, you have to clear it out and clean the room, right?

Maybe right now you’re experiencing a clearing. You’ve got to clear and heal before you can move forward.

So, perhaps it’s time…

* It’s time to release people, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve you as you grow to a new level.

* It’s time to heal from past hurts and disappointments.

* It’s time to open your heart, be less guarded and more vulnerable.

* It’s time to stop playing small.

* It’s time to stop putting yourself last.

Allow the clearing and stretching to happen and stop resisting it.

You’re not doing anything wrong Everything is happening as it should for your highest good and the good of your business. Stay encouraged and continue to do the work.

Your breakthrough is coming!

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