You’re working hard everyday doing all the “right” things, yet you’re still not getting any new clients. Your income is inconsistent and you’ve got bills to pay! I’ve totally been there. There’s nothing more draining than the feeling that you’re spinning your wheels!

Today I’m going to get started on part one of a three part series on how to create a consistent income with ease. I love to keep things simple, so there won’t be any complicated techniques here. Also, these are all tried and true methods that I’ve implemented myself. So, without further ado…


Sure, you already have your network of people. But, to get new clients on a regular basis, you have to be continually adding new people to your network. You want to always be expanding your circle of influence. So, here’s how you do that.

STEP 1 — You need to network

I know, I know! Networking is such a dirty word. No one likes to do it. For most people the word networking brings up images of stuffy events where everyone is feeling awkward and uncomfortable in their dresses and heels, forcing business cards on each other, while enduring everyone’s boring elevator speech!
No, networking doesn’t have to be this way. Networking doesn’t only occur at “networking events”. Networking is simply getting to know new people—without being weird.

I had to add that in there because when it comes to networking most people forget the process of making new friends or dating. You don’t meet someone one day and ask them to babysit your kids tomorrow. It would also be weird to ask someone to marry you on the first date. But, many people do this while networking and wonder why people are running away from them instead of buying from them.

So, where and how do you do this networking thing?

Join organizations and go to events that you actually like! Your people are everywhere. Get out and mingle. Learn how to start genuine conversations with others and get to know them. Be interested in who they are, what their story is, and how you can help them. Get their information so that you can keep in touch. Keep it short and light. It doesn’t matter if you have business cards or a website (REALLY!). Just keep your focus on getting to know them and expanding your circle.

This step all by itself will be the biggest and best way to create a consistent income. So, if you don’t implement anything else, please do this one!

STEP 2 — Create a platform for yourself

This step is all about demonstrating your expertise to people that don’t know you. There are many ways to do this. My favorite ways are through speaking and writing.

Find local organizations that cater to your ideal client(s) and offer to speak at their next meeting. Create an online workshop or webinar on your favorite topic. Give tons of value and be sure to collect the information of the participants so you can keep in touch.

Look for publications, websites, and blogs that your ideal customer(s) read. These can be both online and print. Offer to submit a guest post or to be a regular writer. Submit articles that are both helpful and full of value. And make sure to give information on all the ways the readers can work with you and get in contact with you.

STEP 3 — Be consistent

This is the most important step and one that most people find challenging, including myself! Consistency is key and will bring in the most results. Also, consistency is necessary so that you can measure what is working and what isn’t working.

Consistency is what is needed for people to trust you. Again, think about friendships and relationships. You want to see that someone is who they are, all the time. You need to see them being in integrity and showing up over and over again in order to feel that they are someone you can continue to grow with and invest in.

The same is true in the business world. Keep going, keep showing up, and most importantly, keep sharing tons of value and you will begin to see a consistent income in due time.

These are not just tactics that you do when you need clients. You need to continue to network and use your platform to increase your circle even when your client roster is full. This will not make your income more predictable, it will also bring more ease into your business. You won’t have to go into a panic every month because you need more clients or because you need more money.

Nice, right?

So, this wraps up part 1 of the 3 part series on how to create a consistent income with ease. Next week, we’ll talk about how to nurture the relationships you’ve initiated in part one!

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With love,


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