If you are a solopreneur, chances are you are wearing many hats and feeling very worn out as a result. If time management is not your thing and you’re feeling extremely unbalanced, I’d like to share with you an easy 4 step system that I use to get things done and stay balanced.

1.Write everything on ONE calendar.

If you have a calendar for your business, another calendar for your personal appointments, several to-do lists, and post-its everywhere…stop! 🙂

I highly encourage you to consolidate everything into one place. This way you can avoid accidentally double booking, underestimating your availability, and forgetting important tasks. If you love to write things down, then get a really nice day planner. If you are more of a techie, find an online calendar that works for you.

Personally, I use Google Calendar. I love it because I can get access to it on my desktop and on my mobile phone. Also, Google Calendar syncs with everything. It syncs with my business appointments (I use Satori) and most networking events that I sign up for now have an option to automatically add the details to your Google Calendar.

2. Put first things first.

At the beginning of each week, plan out your days starting with the most important things first. You have to prioritize according to your values. What is most important to you right now? Schedule the most important first and then schedule everything else around that.

For me, my most important is my spirituality and then my health. I make time for what I need to support what’s important to me first so that nothing will get in the way of me getting what I need. Sometimes this seems like an impossible task, but there is always a win-win solution. You just have to be creative!

3. Check your calendar twice a day.

After you’ve planned out your week, check your calendar each day in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, it’s important to look over your calendar to refresh your memory, prepare for the day, and to make any necessary adjustments. At the end of the day, take note of what didn’t get done and immediately reschedule it so it doesn’t get lost in your head. Also, take the opportunity to look ahead to the next day and see what preparations can be made the night before. This saves so much time and prevents last-minute adjustments.

4. Adjust as you go (tweak, tweak, tweak).

Your calendar is a living document. This means that it’s normal to make adjustments as you go. Instead of beating yourself up because you’re not getting something done on the day and time that you’ve scheduled it, see how you can adjust things to better honor you and your energy.

Maybe scheduling time to write your book after a long day of working with clients isn’t the best idea. Instead of blaming it on laziness and procrastination, honor yourself and schedule that time first thing in the morning before you see clients when you feel the most alert, for example.

I hope these tips are helpful for you in simplifying your time management. What system do you follow to make your weeks run smoothly? Share with us in the comments below!

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