Life is full of twists and turns, but one thing I can say is that everything happens for a reason and works together for our good. Over the past two years, I’ve been on quite the journey as an entrepreneur. Growing my business has matured me in ways I never thought possible. It’s been the most challenging thing I’ve ever taken on, but it’s all been so worth it! I’m a better woman for it, and I’m an even better coach because I can truly speak from my experience.

I know what it’s like to be stressed out from worrying all the time about your business and making money. It was commonplace for me in the beginning to spend every waking hour creating, marketing, pushing, and praying for the clients and the money to come. I wasn’t sleeping enough, I wasn’t eating enough and when I did eat it was pure junk! I was hustling and sacrificing for my dream, I was a proud member of #teamnosleep, and my health suffered because of it.

I’ve always been overly ambitious, but one thing I’ve never talked about openly is how much I’ve dealt with worry in the past. Worry was something I was used to and thought was normal. From racing heart beats to insomnia, I dealt with it all. It wasn’t until I launched my business that I was forced to have to breakup with worry for good.

Before my business, the symptoms I experienced from worry weren’t that big of a deal to me because they were temporary. As soon as whatever I was worrying about was over…the symptoms were gone. But, as an entrepreneur I saw a side of worry I’d never seen before.

Being in a relationship with worry is a totally dysfunctional one. It feeds off of stress and imbalance. It lives among disorganization  and chaos. It seeks out those with a lack of confidence and faith in who they are and whose they are. Worry will cause you to doubt your calling and life purpose.

But, Spirit has a great way of getting our attention. At first its little nudges here and there, then it’s something a little more dramatic, and if you still don’t get the lesson…BAM!…something drastic happens to truly force you to get the lesson, learn it, and grow on to the next level in your life.

The first physical sign that I needed to get out of this relationship was when my face broke out. Now, mind you I’ve never suffered from acne…ever. Sure, I’ve had a pimple or two here and there, but never anything like this. As a health nut at heart, I knew my bad eating habits were catching up with me so I started eating better. But, nothing helped. I started buying all kinds of creams and washes for my face, but nothing changed.

The second physical sign that I needed to get out of this relationship was when my hair fell out. No, I’m not talking a little bit of shedding. I’m talking about 2 patches, both an inch in diameter, one of which was on the side of my head!

The third physical sign…and final straw…was in June of this year. I discovered a lump in my breast. I went to the doctor (okay, I was dragged kicking and screaming) and my worst fear was realized when the lump turned out to be cancerous.

Listen…you can eat right, exercise and create balance in your life, but if you are worrying all the time it will negate everything you’re doing to be healthy. Worrying and stress will literally make you sick. It creates toxins in your body and with consistency in time will wreak havoc on your organs.

I made the decision to heal from the cancer naturally and holistically. No chemo, no radiation. Instead I’m under the care of the most wonderful and best holistic doctor ever here in Atlanta. I won’t go into the details of my healing protocol here, but my life has completely changed for the better. I’ve had to take on a whole new lifestyle and I love it. But, in order for my healing to be successful and complete, I had to break up with worry for good!

It’s not all roses though. My energy levels fluctuate often, I have to be very careful that I’m not under any stress whatsoever, and I have to depend on other people more than I’ve ever had to in my life. It’s been a humbling experience to say the least. I don’t have as much time as I used to to devote to networking, creating new content, and operating my business in general. I’ve had to take creating balance to a whole new level.

But, it’s possible and I’m thankful for this experience. It’s caused me to be even more authentic and a better steward of my time. Time is precious and when it’s limited you truly learn what’s important and what isn’t. I’m more present now than ever before. And things that used to worry me, I’ve learned to simply let go and let God.

Most importantly, it’s caused me to be an even better coach. I love helping entrepreneurs that are in a place where everything seems so overwhelming and stressful to manage, and together creating freedom in their business and life while achieving (and most times exceeding!) their goals.

I do what I do so that you won’t have to struggle to figure out how to make it all work. I do this so that you won’t feel alone. I do this so that you won’t feel like you have to give up. No matter what you’re going through, it’s happening to make you stronger, better, and wiser. It’s happening so that you can let go and release all of the things that you didn’t know were holding you back. There’s no where to go but up from here.

Today, I encourage you to also break up with worry. It’s time to step into your power and be who God has called you to be in your business. It takes courage and it also takes lots of support. I wouldn’t be where I am without the most supportive family, partner, friends, and business coach. No one can do this alone!


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