Thank you for your business, your support, your feedback, and your love. I want you to know it’s all appreciated! And, to show my appreciation I’d like to offer you something that will really help to jump start your new year in the right direction.

One of the systems that I’ve found most people need support with is their Email Marketing System. You know, that thing you signed up for that collects your clients’ email addresses…but you haven’t really done anything with?

Listen, the money ($$) is in your list. (And if you didn’t know that, now you know!) And, it’s time to optimize it!

One of my favorite clients (okay, all of them are my favorite because I only work with AWESOME people!) just doubled her sales as a result of implementing a strategic Email Marketing System.

How? Because marketing is a lot like dating. You don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. You don’t run down a list of all of your greatest attributes on the first date either. I mean, that would just make you creepy!

Are you creepy? No, you’re not. You’re sexy, mysterious, charming, and confident! You know how to take your time and woo your customers.

Marketing is an invitation to a fabulous party…not a desperate plea!

So, let’s spruce up your Email Marketing System…before the new year! This way you can start the year off with a profitable bang! (There I go with the corny jokes again :))

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve opened up SIX sessions in the month of December, just for YOU where we will work on the following:

  • Get clear on your Email Marketing goals (e.g. grow your list? increase sales? or something else?)
  • Design a strategic, customized and easy-to-manage plan that will work for you and your ideal customer
  • Brainstorm a new Free Gift or Offer for new subscribers


After our session my team will:

  • Set up your MailChimp (or other service) templates for you
  • Set up your MailChimp (or other service) Autoresponders for you
  • Connect your MailChimp (or other service) email list to your Free Offer for you

Normally, you can’t get access to my team unless you’re in one of my premium coaching programs.


  1. You’ll get a 90-min Action Plan Session with me where we’ll create an amazing customized plan,
  2. Access to my team to implement what we create together,
  3. And a 30-min follow-up session with me where we’ll see how things are going and tweak anything if necessary!

All for $347 ($1000 value)!

To secure your session, all you have to do is pay $97 today and the remaining $250 before our session.

These sessions are going to go fast, so don’t delay!

I only have SIX sessions available for December, and I won’t be offering this special again. So, click this link to get a head start on 2015!


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