“Step out in faith and you’ll create what you need.” -Rev. Anne Presuel

I tell this story a lot, so if you’ve heard it before (sorry!) I’m telling it again. And, I’m going to keep telling it because I think know business owners need to hear it. It’s my soapbox story, and I’m going to keep repeating it until every business owner across the land hears it and understands it!

How’s that for a dramatic introduction? Okay, here we go…

When I first started my business I was ambitious, full of faith and hope that I was destined for success. I signed up for every class and program. I read all about how to market & attract new clients. And I jumped in head first implementing everything I learned, all at once, because I was determined to not be a statistic!

That was all fine and dandy until I chose to put my business’ success before my own needs and my own self care. I literally spent all my waking hours devoted to my business. My computer and phone were practically glued to my lap! I didn’t eat or sleep much and I totally neglected all of my relationships. In my mind, I was making a sacrifice.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, or perhaps you’ve said this, “I’ll sacrifice sleep, being healthy, and my relationships until I get this thing off the ground. Sleeping, eating properly and enjoying my relationships is a luxury I haven’t earned yet.” In the start-up world, it’s actually something to be proud of — to get no sleep!

It’s not worth it and it’s not sustainable. Why? There are many reasons but the #1 reason is that your health does not care about your business. Your health is going to be forgiving for only so long. Would you buy a new car and then never do the necessary maintenance ? Hopefully not, or you won’t have the car long. Eventually it is going to catch up with you and then when you do achieve “success”, will you really be able to enjoy it?

So, you know what happened next. My health suffered. I began to lose my hair, my face broke out in acne like a pre-pubescent teenager, and anxiety-induced melt downs occurred on the regular. Oh, and did I mention I almost lost relationships that meant the world to me?

Please don’t do what I did.

You are the brand, when you invest in yourself you are investing in your business. When you neglect yourself you’re stealing from your business.

There is a way to have balance AND achieve your goals.

It requires a lot of FAITH.

It takes faith to believe that closing the computer at a decent hour is going to be better for your business instead of making you behind.

It takes faith to believe that investing in you and your health will make you a better business owner (and consequently more successful) instead of eating away at your money.

It takes faith to believe that spending time with your loved ones now will be fulfilling and not hindering to your progress.

It takes faith to believe that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength and wisdom.

It takes faith to devote time each and every day toward your own self care without feeling like you’re being lazy and don’t deserve it.

Stop worrying that if you don’t spend every waking hour devoted to your business that it will fall apart! If God has called you to be a business owner, He will always provide everything you need to be successful. All He asks of you is to give your all — mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. And that includes taking care of yourself on those levels as well!

How are you taking care of and maintaining the vessel that’s needed to lead your business? Share with me in the comments below…

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